Teresa Walters Performs 
The Monitor – Silicon Valley, CA
October 18, 2008
By Inez Black

“Teresa Walters’s willowy frame and confident presence transformed as her fingers danced vibrantly across the keys, enticing the audience into her world of music with Rachmaninov, Bach-Busoni, and Lili Boulanger. After intermission, the program shifted to Franz Liszt.

Walters’s interpretation of Lili Boulanger’s three pieces for piano allowed the listener to feel as if they were in a garden with the wind softly rustling the flowers on a sunny day, according to audience members.

Walters, in discussing Liszt’s “Prelude to the Canticle of the Sun”, considered it to be “Liszt’s musical last will and testament to the goodness of life and the life to come.”

Walters’s Liszt performance was powerful, in contrast to her 5’9”, 120 pound frame. Walters credited her teachers for techniques allowing her to compensate for the upper body strength more typical in men, which allows her to play these challenging pieces. Also, her hands are large with long slender fingers, enabling her to easily grasp a tenth at the keyboard. 

Following her performance, Walters was very openly gracious and responsive, spending time answering questions and discussing music with audience members while signing autographs.” 

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