Review Highlights - Fall 2005

"Walters's playing proved to me and to the audience that she deserves to be in the top tier of piano soloists in the world. She and the orchestra received a well-earned standing ovation." 
- Rapid City Journal
November 26, 2005

"Imagine a barnstorming nineteenth-century virtuoso playing: Teresa Walters presented her program with grand style. It was extremely enjoyable and well received."
- Charles Thompson, President, 
Chamber Music Society of Central Kentucky 
November 8, 2005

"Teresa Walters shared enlightening and entertaining information about the music before she so marvelously performed each piece." 
- The Metropolitan Spirit, Augusta, GA
November 4, 2005

Five Stars: Her Best Work
CD Review: A Music Fan

"I have heard the Sonata in b minor from other very famous artists and thought that they were good until I heard this version. This sonata is supposed to be about good versus evil. There are some very harsh moments along with very sweet legatos and vibrant allegros. This is where her interpretation of Liszt is superb. Other top-notch pianists are more cautious - especially when portraying the evil side. Teresa Walters lets it all loose and puts a tremendous amount of emotion into it. No doubt this is the reason she is considered to be such an expert in the music of Liszt." 
- Customer Review

"Trust us, Teresa Walters is a really Big Name in the music world."
- Oregon Coast Today, Newport, OR
October 6, 2005

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