Worldwide Tour:  Top Talent Marks Reformation
Topeka, KS
September 20, 2017
By John Hanna, Associated Press Journalist

“With her program 500th Birthday Party:  A Musical Celebration of the Reformation, Teresa Walters gave this community a terrific concert.  I sat up front and spent most of the concert watching her hands move across the keyboard.  It was both outstanding and astounding.  I heard many positive comments from the audience.  I especially enjoyed her performance of “The Canticle of the Sun of St. Francis of Assisi.” 

As impressed as were with her music, we were equally impressed with her commentaries in between the selections she played.  I found them informative and audience members came away very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and with her ability to deliver her remarks in such a natural style.

Above and beyond all that, she was incredibly gracious. We were extremely blessed by her talent.”

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