Teresa Walters at the Gracie Theater
Bangor, ME
The Write Exchange
February 2, 2014

“She captures the listener deeply and profoundly.” 

“A most dramatic and rich performance.”

“The classical music realm has always held a unique meaning within the arena of music.  It is enthralling, exuberant and beautiful.  It overflows with magnificence while transcending the idea that there are limitations to music.  The sheer mastery of the pieces themselves echoes the wondrous and rapturous genius unleashed, bursting forth with an uncontainable force that lingers even within the afterglow of a performance.

This is the experience of having seen and heard Teresa Walters ignite the keyboard before the audience at the Gracie Theater.  The birth of each composition was relived onstage as she featured selections ranging from the romantic and vivacious to those of utter boldness.  Her dramatic dancing fingers unlocked the doors she opens with the piano as joyfully as the obvious heartfelt emotion which permeates the atmosphere with the music she performs.

Her storytelling interludes between the selections were most endearing as the historical anecdotes pertaining to the music aided in appreciating the composer’s joy and pain involved with the piece.  Considering the multitude of performances where Teresa Walters has been invited and hailed for her talent, she certainly captures the listener deeply and profoundly. Her intimate relationship with the piano extends itself to the audience as well.  A most dramatic and rich performance.”

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