A Word from Management

Managing the international career of Teresa Walters is a rewarding endeavor on so many levels.  Not only is she one of the world’s most gifted performers, Teresa is also a very charismatic person who makes a lasting impression on those she meets on her tours and travels.  We are very grateful for the enthusiastic feedback we receive from audience members and presenters everywhere.  We take this opportunity to share examples of some of the most recent testimonials from her concerts and artist residencies. We are always available to answer questions you might have about scheduling Teresa Walters at your location.  Write to us at info@TeresaWalters.com   A personal representative will respond promptly.

-ICAM Management Team
International Concert Artists Management



Recent Testimonials:


Teresa’s 500th Birthday Party Concert in Outer Banks, NC on October 1, 2017
“Please tell Teresa how much I enjoyed meeting her and how thrilled I was to be able to attend her concert.  She is truly amazing and my country music Nashville born husband even enjoyed her performance and meeting Teresa.  We thank her so much for being here and for her fabulous performance here in the Outer Banks!”

Ann Boyd


Teresa’s 500th Birthday Party Concert in Topeka, KS on September 21, 2017
“It was certainly an honor as well as a pleasure for Sara and me to have met Teresa Walters earlier this week.  I only today looked at her website, and in a way I’m glad I hadn’t done so before or I might have been too awestricken to converse, though I’m sure her personable demeanor would have immediately put me at ease.  Her accomplishments are indeed Herculean.  I must also say that at her concert, I found the music and the accompanying commentary to be the most inspirational presentation I have heard in many years, and perhaps ever.  Please thank her for touching us all in such an unforgettable way.” 

Bob Aufdemberge


Teresa’s Concert at the Fairmont Opera House on November 11, 2016
“We were delighted to be able to present on our stage the music of internationally renowned pianist Teresa Walters.  With her impressive biography and amazing talent, it is no surprise that she has performed for sold out crowds at the world’s most prominent concert venues.  Our audience gave her a warm welcome, enjoyed the show, and made some great memories!”

Scott Fuhrman, President
Fairmont Opera House


Teresa’s Concert at Portage Center for the Arts on October 1, 2016
“Thank you for helping us present such a marvelous performance last night!  Everyone is talking about how fantastic Teresa Walters was!”

Nancy Murtag


Teresa’s Concert at California’s BSPAC
 “On March 19, Borrego Springs was treated to some of the most intoxicating piano music I have ever heard.  From Reminiscences 1938-1945, a journey through the horrors of Nazi Germany by Karel Berman, a survivor of the camps that stretched the heart strings to the breaking point, to the Romances of Robert and Clara Schumann, with notes dripping with honey onto the bread of life, to the lightning vigor of George Walker’s Variations on an American Theme and George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue where Ms. Walters long graceful fingers leapt across the keys like gazelles in flight.  We were gifted with a truly wonderful prize.”

Russell Webb
Borrego Springs, CA
March 19, 2016


Teresa’s Concert at Salisbury University’s Holloway Hall Auditorium
“We loved having Teresa Walters perform here – everyone loved it!  Please give her my warm regards.  We would love to have her return.  Thank you for helping to make this concert possible.” 

June Jekrell-Salgado
Executive Director - Office of Cultural Affairs
Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD
November 11, 2015


Teresa’s Concert in ONTARIO – March 25, 2015

“Teresa Walters played a fabulous concert here in Sarnia and received a well-deserved standing ovation.  A consummate professional, she played a demanding program and turned the concert into a great success.  Her concert was very well received by the audience and we greatly enjoyed the whole evening.”

Nora Boyd
President, Board of Directors
Sarnia Concert Association
March 27, 2015


Teresa’s Concert for The FORUM - Summer 2014

“I just wanted you to know that our audience experienced an absolutely wonderful evening with Teresa Walters at the piano.  What a lovely lady and quite gracious, I must add.  Thank you for your help in booking her for our series!”

-Joan Rhyne
Vice President


Teresa’s Concert in Ontario, CANADA on May 18, 2014

“Please thank Teresa Walters from the bottom of my heart for coming to perform such a very special recital on May 18.  I almost wept as the notes flowed.  And the encore was magical!  I have ordered all available CDs!”

-Dominic Glisinski


Teresa’s Concert in Alberta, CANADA on May 9, 2014

“Greetings from Edmonton!  Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Teresa Walters’s performance here last night.  Please thank her for coming to Alberta, Canada to share her passion with us!”

-Helen & John Ross


“It was a great pleasure to attend Teresa Walters’s performance at Horizon Stage last Friday.  Our grand daughter Bayla (age 7) thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and having her sign her CD.  Teresa gave her inspiration with her piano lessons.  We hope that Teresa will be able to return for another performance.”

-Rhonda & Tim Stevenson


Teresa’s Concert in Madison, WI on March 29, 2014

“Teresa gave us a wonderful performance!  She is a truly gracious and cultured woman and a marvelous pianist!  We have had many compliments on her concert.  Many commented that she taught the audience about the music prior to performing each piece and they learned so much that evening!  Please give our sincere gratitude and appreciation for a concert that was greatly enjoyed by so many.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Teresa and visiting with her.”

-Carolyn White
VAPAS Program Chair


Teresa’s Concert in Cleveland, OH on March 9, 2014

“Teresa Walters gave a glorious concert.  We would like to have her back in the future.  Everyone had a great time!  It is a concert that will be a wonderful memory!  Thanks for all you did to make her trip a success.”

 - Nancy McGillicuddy
Concert Series Manager


Teresa’s Concert in Panama City, FL on February 20, 2014

“I want you to know that all of us here at PMCA were entirely pleased with Teresa’s appearance here.  Her performance, her narrative and musical presentation resonated wonderfully with the audience.  Thanks for bringing her to us.  Personally, she is a charming, engaging person as well—traits that were quite evident during the time my wife and I spent with her on Friday afternoon touring some of the local scenery.  Good fortune to you and Teresa in your future endeavors.”

-Bob Borich
Talent Chairman
Panama City Concert Association


Teresa’s Concert in Clearwater, FL on February 9, 2014

“Of course I expressed this to Teresa directly yesterday, but wanted you to know how well the concert went.  We had a super crowd and everyone really enjoyed her lovely playing as well as her insightful comments.  Please convey my thanks to her once again for a great performance and very well received program.

-Beth Daniels
Artist Series Director


Teresa’s Concert in La Jolla, California  on October 20, 2013

“Please convey to Teresa that it has been over 10 days since her concert here and people around here are still talking about the amazing concert she presented.  One of our longtime benefactors said it was the best concert she has seen over the past 52 years that LJPC has sponsored a concert series!

Everyone found Teresa to not only be a gifted musician, but also a wonderful speaker, bringing to life the music and musicians through her words as well as through her piano playing.  I must say that of the 13 concerts I’ve produced over the past two years in this position, I have not seen a more gracious artist in terms of meeting, greeting, signing CD’s, getting numerous photos taken, etc. during the reception following the concert.  Teresa hit a home run on so many levels here.

Teresa is well loved in this high powered arts community of La Jolla, California.

Thanks for all your assistance in bringing her to us!”
-Ron Bolles
LJPC Arts Director


Teresa’s Concert in Salem, Oregon on September 28, 2013

“What a great performance we had!  For your future marketing, you may want to emphasize the dialogue and explanation she gives with each piece to the audience.  That was very exciting, informational and the audience loved it and quite unexpected!”

-Steve Martin
Executive Director
Historic Elsinore Theatre


Thanks to Dr. Teresa Walters for coming to Salem.  She brought joy into my life with her performance earlier tonight.  All those who attended had a very interesting and enjoyable evening.

-Edwin Peterson
Oregon Supreme Court Justice
Distinguished Jurist in Residence
Willamette University College of Law
Salem, OR


Teresa’s Concert & Residency at Emory University in Atlanta GA
November 3-4, 2013

Teresa Walters is an American Treasure!  Please convey to her that it was such a pleasure being in the audience yesterday and being with her today at the sponsor’s luncheon.  Her performance was superb, and being with her today and getting to know her almost surpassed Sunday!  Well, almost!  Tell her to enjoy Honolulu and as they say in Hawaii,  “Mahalo”!

-The Dunbars


Teresa’s Concert & Master Class in Grand Junction, CO
February 25, 2012

“You were certainly right about Teresa!  In addition to being a marvelous pianist, she is wonderfully friendly, upbeat, accommodating and appreciative.  Her performance was very well received and I heard many, many positive comments from our audience.  And her Master Class was a BIG hit (watching her gently critique the students but warmly encouraging them was such a treat!)”

- Dani Langdon