"Teresa Walters Tours Brazil"
"North American pianist presents works of Russian Romantics at Theatre Pedro II"

A Cidade: Cultura
Ribeirão Preto

"Great classical interpreters with renowned qualifications are rare. All the more fortunate for the public of Ribeirão Preto to be offered the unique opportunity to appreciate the works of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff as interpreted by Teresa Walters, one of the world's great international pianists. The North American pianist performed at the Theatre Pedro II, presenting Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18 and Tchaikovsky's Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23. In this style of repertoire, Rachmaninoff and Tchakiovsky stand as musical icons. The artist explained that Rachmaninoff's famous concerto was composed during a time of personal and professional rehabilitation in the composer's life. Background to this music presents an optimal opportunity to better understand two of the world's most complex composers. 

"This represents the pianist's second concert tour in Brazil. Included in this tour is her participation in special anniversary festivities in the city. Walters explained the importance of integrating this celebration with the billboard in the back of the auditorium which reads, "We are the Builders of an Ethical World." Walters stated, "This is the mission of great music in today's world." The pianist credits music with the capability of promoting better understanding and good will among nations. "Music is the universal language," she believes, "and it is a gift of God."  

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