A Classic Night:  Teresa Walters at the Opera House
The Beacon News
A Chicago Sun-Times Publication
October 17, 2014
By Wendy Weber

“Growing up in the American Midwest, Teresa Walters began playing the piano when she was 4 years old, when she also began studying a map of the world.

Now, whether performing for European royalty at Esterhazy Palace or fundraising for children’s charities in Delhi, International First Lady of Piano Teresa Walters is a musical ambassador at home and abroad. 

Describing her popular Musical Cameos Series in 2014, The New York Times announced:  “Teresa Walters has performed on six continents and has earned the highest praise, deserving to be in the top tier of piano soloists in the world.  Aptly nicknamed ‘The International First Lady of Piano’ and overwhelmingly popular with audiences, this virtuoso discusses the music in her engaging manner before she performs.”

Teresa Walters is known for her commitment to music as the ultimate universal language, and for her vision of music as ministry.  She is equally at home in the world’s major concert halls or in campus and community settings.  In addition to maintaining an extensive international touring schedule, she is recording series of releases for Archangelus Records featuring the piano works of Liszt.  Her recordings have received nominations for the Grand Prix du Disque of the Hungarian Liszt Society.

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